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Wilburn Wilburforce Wilson, is a great grandson and grand-nephew of Pappa Smith and Drelton Williams.  He left Portland for years to work in Negril, where he was the manager of a hotel. Since his return to Boston he is now frequently seen at Boston Beach. He is related to both Miss Ivy, who runs a restaurant at the beach, and Jerkman Trevor, whose jerk pit is at the beach. The beach is where I first met Wilburn, and when I told him I was curious about the history of jerk, he told me about it being his ancestors who started selling commercial jerk in the 40's. It was Wilburn who took me to speak with Barris(sp?) Inglington, now a very old man, who was a boy when the original jerk men were working.  Barris was very clear, he could not remember specific history, but could tell me the names of all the original jerk men.

Wilburn is a gregarious man, happy to be of genuine help, and hoping you'll be kind of tip him if you allow him to cater your needs.  If you want food or drink brought to you on the beach, or even out on the cliffs he is happy to oblige.  Like the younger men who surf at the beach, he is one of its stewards, and is often seen cleaning up the beach so that visitors can have a nicer experience.

I personally am grateful to Wilburn for his general assistance since our arrival, and for introducting me to Mr. Inglington.   If you'd like to hear the interview, with some great Jamaican accents, feel free to play the audio below.  Enjoy!  And, Bless Up!

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