Jewelry Sellers

Jewelry Sellers


Simpson sells jewelry, both hand made, and manufactured, and has been for 16 years.  He offers jewelry made of coconut and stone pieces that he makes himself. He likes to use to jade, rose quartz, tiger stone, bloodstone, turquoise and several others.  His rings are made from silver or surgical steel. His favorite food is an old school slow cooking favorite, Run Down.  Traditionally made with salt fish and coconut, with the coconut milk slowly cooked down to a rich yummy goodness with the flavors of onion, scallion, tomatoe, garlic, thyme, salt and pepper all soaking and mixing together.  His favorite place in Jamaica, outside of Boston, is the town of Portie, (Port Antonio.)  His favorite musician is the local Boston DJ, DJ Sheppy who has a music shack right at the Boston Jerk Centre.


Paul makes his own jewelry, which he has been selling for over fifteen years. He highly recommends people come out to Boston for a taste of the roots Boston Jerk, and to have a nice time.  His favorite food after jerk pork, is lobster.  He loves the Blue Lagoon and Reach Falls, both beautiful Portland destinations.  His favorite musician is Luciano.


Dennis sells jewelry that he makes himself to support his children. All his jewelry is handmad by  him. His collection includes necklaces and bracelets made from horsehide bean, chestnut, red coffee bean, hematite, jobstage beans and others. His favorite food besides jerk is whatever fresh fish he catches for sport.  It is often snapper.  Portland is his parish, and he is proud to be resident in Jamaica's most beautiful parish.  His favorite musician is a local musician, and cousin of his, named Bling Dog.

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