Fresh Juice

Fresh Juice


Allman has sold coconut water collected fresh daily for the past 14 years.  You can't get it fresher besides direct from the "jelly," (young coconut,) from which it is collected.  Coconut water is a great source of minerals, to really help you rehydrate in the Jamaican heat. He is into Country Music, and his favorite musician is Ray Stevens.

Johnny Natural

Johnny sells natuarl fruit juices. Typically real ginger beer (non-alcholic), june plum, guava fruit punch, carrot, and passionfruit punch. He has been selling in Boston for 14 years.  He's in the process of really manufacturing, instead of being hand made.  He's already registered a corporation, Johnny Natural Juices, and has worked with the Bureau of Standards to provide labelling. By the time you read this you may be able to find his juice in one of the local supermarkets. My personal favorite is the Ginger Beer.


Jahbookie sells the natural spice juice, aka sugar cane juice.  He gives the juice a little flavor by adding ginger and lime, to "give it that boost."  Jahbookie is a Rasta, not just a dread, and he eats Ital, primarily vegetarian, with the occasional fish.  His favorite place in Jamaica besides besides Boston, is  Dunn's River falls near Ochie Rios. We're not at all surprised to find that his favorite musician is Bob Marley,whose image he chose to include in his portrait.

Bless Up Jahbookie!

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