What they're saying about BOSTON JERK

The food is absolutely good! I am not an avid eater of pork, but I came here and I really love it. The customer service here is really good as well. Their friendly and family oriented. You feel like you are part of the family. I love it here, and I will definitely come back.


Boston Jerk is quite an experience. It's a flavor that I have not found in my travels. I'v eaten Jerk all over the place, and a lot of people claim to be authentic, but knowing this is the home, it really actually is something that I have never experienced. It's quite an atmosphere, and the taste that goes along with it. If I come back to Jamaica and need some jerk chicken or pork, I'll come back here to Boston Bay. It's the place to be.


Boston Jerk Center, every time I come to Jamaica, I always have to drive through Portland just to come to the Boston Jerk Center. The Jerk chicken, delicious!


The original man, live and direct. The authentic Jerk pork! Nice and succulent and juicy!


Boston jerk is absolutely fabulous. It's glorious good pork and chicken, and you should come to Jamaica every time.


Boston Bay is the original Jerk spot. I grew up in Jamaica. I can tell you that the best Jerk spot on the island is Boston Bay.


Boston Jerk has the best Jerk in Jamaica. Authentic Jerk, real good seasoning, authentic fire, you get to see how it is done proper.

Daniel from Toronto

Boston Jerk pit is the best jerk pit in Jamaica!


The best place in the world to be, Boston Jerk Center. Boston Jerk pork. Fish, pork, you name it we have it. Port Antonio Portland, Jamaica is the best!


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