What they're saying about BOSTON JERK

The best place in the world to be, Boston Jerk Center. Boston Jerk pork. Fish, pork, you name it we have it. Port Antonio Portland, Jamaica is the best!


You get the best eating pork when you come to Boston. Number 1 in Jamaica! It's not boiled!

Alexander & Carol

I am coming here from 1995. I travel here just to eat the Boston Jerk. They are wonderful!


I live in Jamaica, so if I tell you it's the best jerk, it is!

Marie from Kingston

It has an amazing atmosphere, the food is incredible! If you're lucky you get to meet the roots man, who give you the best roots in Jamaica. Trust me, it's amazing.


We came to the Boston Jerk for Jerk pork, Jerk chicken and the roast breadfruit. It was very enjoyable! We'll come back again before flying out.

Carly from London

Boston is the place to be. Where you find the best Jerk pork in the entire world!

Diane from New York

The jerk pork was really spicy and tasty. The home made sauce was really great!

Antonino from Italy

It's the greatest jerk pork I ever eat!

Ian from Antigua

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